Thursday, 2 March 2017

Design DNA - Interior Design Today March 2017

Interior Design Today (March 2017) highlights our recent work to create an innovative, multifunctional pop-up space for new luxury brand, CHAOS, within Selfridges Accessories Hall.

CHAOS is characterised by custom craftsmanship, technology, fashion and luxury, and Studiofibre’s design narrative brings this DNA alive via bespoke handcrafted fixtures, specially commissioned bench seating and custom-crafted branded display units.

We're delighted that CHAOS have been invited to establish a more permanent retail space within Selfridges during 2017 and look forward to continuing our work with this exciting new brand.

Interior Design Yearbook 2017

Studiofibre proudly feature in the Interior Design Yearbook 2017 with an article in the Trend Concept section on Furniture.

Our bespoke furniture designs for Farfetch are featured in the article which appears from page 178 of the yearbook. 

"2017 will see a continuation of the trend for the bespoke and customisation. People want their money to go further, so multifunctional pieces will continue to be in demand. We live increasingly digital lives, so our appreciation of hand- craftsmanship and beautiful quality is heightened." 

Ian & Fiona Livingston - Co-Founders - Studiofibre

A digital version of the Interior Design Yearbook can be found here

Friday, 3 February 2017

A Traditional Hindu Wedding

Studiofibre were recently delighted to celebrate the marriage of one of our team, Aarti, to Parshant. 

The fascinating, traditional Hindu wedding ceremony was beautifully explained for guests on the images below, so we thought we'd share them with you.

 Congratulations to Aarti & Parshant, we wish them every happiness for the future x

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Unusual Suspects at Dover Street Market

An unusual interiors installation for some new ‘usual suspects’...a criminal identity line up of oversized CHAOS Bean Bears

Studiofibre are proud to launch a second bespoke retail pop-up for new luxury brand CHAOS. The installation in Dover Street Market (18-22 Haymarket, London, SW1Y 4DG) opened in December and will stay in-store until 12th January 2017.

A criminal identity line up of CHAOS bean bears. Installation designed and created by Studiofibre.

Photography: Dover Street Market

CHAOS is the new luxury brand founded by super-stylists Charlotte Stockdale and Katie Lyall. It is known for luxury, style, sophistication and customisation. Twenty giant 2.5 metre CHAOS bears, which serve as incredibly soft bean bags, have been created especially for Dover Street Market. The bears are limited edition, each is individually numbered and they are the ideal spot for impromptu naps!

CHAOS Bean Bears are for life, not just for Christmas”

Charlotte Stockdale & Katie Lyall – Co Founders – CHAOS

The Dover Street Market pop-up follows on from the launch of a CHAOS pop-up retail space within the Selfridges Accessories Hall (which launched 23.11.16). The design challenge was to create something true to CHAOS, totally bespoke and designed to tell the story of a different side of the brand. Whereas the Selfridges design narrative is all soft and luxurious, the cutting-edge Dover Street Market space shows a raw, darker but equally luxurious side of CHAOS. Raw metal furniture and industrial fixtures and fittings give a hard feel, whilst velvet lined display cases ensure that the luxury aspect of the brand is integral to the installation.

“The CHAOS Bean Bears are set in the context of a police line-up. The black, red and white colour scheme of the bears and iPhone cases lends itself perfectly to the setting we’ve created. Our creative installation hints at the fact that the bears have a secret life and have no doubt been up to no good...Our concept is part retail-shop, part art-installation, and all about story-telling.”

Fiona Livingston – Co-Founder – Studiofibre

Raw metal display cases in Dover Street Market, London. Created for CHAOS by Studiofibre
Photography: Pantling Studio


Charlotte Stockdale and Katie Lyall have worked for over fifteen years in the fashion industry (British Vogue, i-D Magazine, GARAGE, Fendi, Dolce and Gabbana, doing collaborations with Louis Vuitton, Dior, Gucci and Chanel...) In 2014, Stockdale and Lyall launched CHAOS as a luxury brand, collaborating with British accessory label Anya Hindmarch on a globally successful co-branded leather sticker collection, ‘Sticker Shop’, launched in 2014. In August 2016, Cara Delevingne and Margot Robbie debuted the first CHAOS branded product, wearing the label’s as-yet-unavailable customised tracksuits for the premiere of their feature film Suicide Squad. CHAOS’s first independent branded luxury goods collection launched in November 2016.

Friday, 25 November 2016

Creating CHAOS in Selfridges

Bespoke pop-up retail space, designed by Studiofibre for new luxury accessories brand, launched 23rd November 2016 in Selfridges Accessories Hall, London.
CHAOS is the brainchild of super-stylists Charlotte Stockdale and Katie Lyall. Their glossy, sophisticated and highly covetable range of iPhone cases, which attach to zips and charms, instantly transform a phone into a cross between a charm bracelet and a necklace. Luggage belts and sumptuous oversized chenille luggage tags also feature as CHAOS sets out to elevate phones and suitcases, the ubiquitous must-haves of modern life, into must-have luxury fashion accessories.

STUDIOFIBRE was appointed to create a 215 square foot pop-up shop, in the heart of the new Selfridges Accessories Hall. CHAOS is characterized by custom craftsmanship, technology, fashion and luxury, and Studiofibre’s design narrative brings this DNA alive via bespoke hand-crafted fixtures, specially commissioned bench seating and custom-crafted branded display units. Given the bijoux space available, and design stipulations within the Selfridges Accessories Hall, clever multifunctional design elements are key, and have been built into the custom-designed fixtures. The main display hides storage cupboards for easy access to stock, the ‘library’ displays the stunning product packaging. The branded CHAOS upside down ‘A’ units house secure product displays. A burnished- gold mirrored wall appears to double the size of the pop-up shop, and serves as an additional product display area.

CHAOS pop up shop in Selfridges designed & created by Studiofibre

“Working with CHAOS on their retail spaces has been an exciting opportunity to create a design narrative for a new brand, and create bespoke furniture to bring the brand alive within the space. We’ve created order for CHAOS, and so enjoyed working with Charlotte & Katie, to create an environment to showcase the sophistication of their highly creative brand and to allow them to maximise sales.”

Fiona Livingston – Co-Founder – Studiofibre

DISPLAY WALL: The central display wall, hand-made in the UK by Studiofibre’s team of master craftsmen, is inspired by the iconic layout of apps on a phone, creating a practical, graphic grid system to house the CHAOS candy-store coloured collection of deer skin iPhone cases. Split into six panels, the display ‘doors’ open to reveal generous storage areas behind the grid.

“The moment we first saw the initial idea that Studiofibre presented we knew they were on the right track as they understand luxury and retail, but also the CHAOS brand. The pop-up is a combination of textures and colours, both refined and complete and very reflective of our love for luxury, married with the expressive. As designer-makers, Studiofibre have designed and created unique and bespoke pieces of furniture and fittings for us. Fiona, Ian and team are creative, realistic, flexible and fast!” 

Charlotte Stockdale / Katie Lyall – Founding Partners – CHAOS

LIBRARY: Part and parcel of the display wall, the library literally creates ordered CHAOS! Packaging boxes embossed in gold, inspired by opulent hard-backed books, in which the CHAOS products are presented, are displayed in a library system which celebrates the beauty of packaging alongside that of the products.

CASH DESK & CHARM BAR: The distinctive CHAOS branding, with the capital ‘A’ upside down, has been transformed into a bespoke till point and display cabinets. Lacquered by hand with gold, these custom-made pieces deliver secure merchandising areas, practical serving spaces and a strong brand-statement. Lined with rich black chenille, echoing the chenille embroidered motifs on the CHAOS accessories, the products appear to pop out from the displays.

Four metre bespoke Mongolian lambswool bench

Custom crafted displays and cash desk

MIRROR WALL: The burnished perspex mirror wall opens up the space, and reflects light back into the pop-up. It also provides another display wall ideal for showcasing the 26 chenille initial luggage tags. 

BENCH: Below the display wall, an oversized hand-made pink Mongolian lambswool bench provides a luxurious seating area. At four meters long, this super-soft bespoke bench provides ample space for the CHAOS team to present and discuss the colour options available for the iPhone cases and to complete the sales process in comfort and style. 

LUGGAGE PLINTH: A custom-made curved plinth, containing hidden storage, optimises the space behind the Selfridges pillar which punctuates the pop-up shop. As well as housing stock and other essentials, it provides a focal display area for an extremely special limited collection of ultra-luxe luggage, accessorized with CHAOS straps and tags.

Monday, 7 November 2016

Chaos is Coming

Studiofibre are very excited to announce a new project with luxury accessories brand, Chaos.

Founded by British stylists, Charlotte Stockdale and Katie Lyall, we're delighted to be working with them to create their first retail shop, a pop-up in Selfridges Accessories Hall, opening later this month.


Their launch video, on celebrates the launch of Chaos on before the amazing launch of the first ever Chaos pop-up at Selfridges on 23rd November.

Directed by Yvan Fabing, the video features supermodels Karlie Kloss, Taylor Hill, Anna Ewers, plus newcomers like Vittoria Ceretti, Yasmin Wijnaldum, and Dilone.

Find out more about Chaos and the story behind their new brand at Vogue & BoF

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Reinventing an existing space for a leading luxury accessories brand

A leading luxury brand based in London were facing multiple challenges.  They were running out of space, their HQ did not do justice to their brand and their team’s workspaces were not laid out to allow for creativity, collaboration and productivity.

They called us in to reimagine the space on a modest budget, and to provide clever solutions to their space issues and save them a costly and time-consuming office move.

Fiona Livingston, co-founder of Studiofibre, explains the creative design approach:

Q - How do you go about ensuring stakeholders visiting the space are immersed in the brand from the moment they step through the door?

As a business grows organically, branding is often an element that gets overlooked.  The effective branding of a space goes far beyond any corporate colour or logo.  A space should bring the DNA of a brand to life and project its culture via clever design details, allowing visitors to the space, and those that work within it, to experience it and interact with it at every level.  With this particular brand, humour is a key element of its character.  We have taken this humour and woven it into design detailing, interior styling and the bespoke furniture we are creating.  Visitors and staff alike will experience the quirky and unique identity of this brand from the moment they enter the building, and which will continue to every corner of the space.

Brand immersion | Studiofibre for Farfetch HQ

Q - First impressions are crucial.  How do you ensure a positive and on-brand first impression for key stakeholders visiting the space?

As well as humour, this brand is characterised by its inclusivity, social nature and relaxed approached to style and luxury.  We decided to turn the reception area into a social hub for the company, which gives the area a buzzy yet, casual vibe.  The staff are the brand ambassadors who literally bring the space to life as they use it.  The antithesis to a formal, sterile reception area, this space is more like a concierge area:  an inspiring space that is the beating heart of the HQ and where all visitors are immediately welcomed into the brand’s community.  The design of the reception desk is also crucial.  It it the first thing a visitor sees and has to encapsulate the brand in one glance.  Every reception desk we create is totally bespoke - and creatively translates the essence of the brand in a highly memorable way.

First impressions | Studiofibre for

Q - Social spaces are important - but so is privacy for the design teams, and customer service teams dealing with sensitive client data.  How does this work within what is essentially an open plan and collaborative space?

The key is to ensure that those teams that have to work behind closed doors are encouraged out of those spaces in order to reconnect with the rest of the teams as often as possible.  Making this work in practice is down to the careful planning of the flow of the space.  Its important to maximise the opportunities for people from different teams to bump into each other.  Research has proven that these sort of impromptu encounters often lead to productive, unplanned meetings which increase collaboration and productivity significantly.  This is achieved via the strategic planning of tea points, restaurant areas and other social and informal meeting spaces.  

Social spaces | Studiofibre for Farfetch Global Offices

Q - How else do you ‘future-proof’ a design scheme to allow for further changes within the business?

So often you see teams crammed in as a company grows, with little thought given to the bigger picture of productivity and staff morale.  Where people sit has a crucial impact on how people interact and therefore how productive they are.  We have a service called STUDIOFIBREdna, where the space available is analysed against the current and future needs of the business. We then use this extensive research and the data we gather to inform our design scheme as we plan adjacencies, flow, social and meeting spaces and storage requirements.

Its also important to plan flexible and multi-purpose spaces and social facilities which allow for future growth in headcount.  We have done this in past by taking design cues from stage sets, meaning that walls can be moved and spaces repurposed when required.

Q - Is it a harder job to reconfigure an existing space rather than designing a new space from scratch?

There are advantages and challenges to both routes.  In this case, the brand is lucky enough to be based within a building that is full of character.  Many beautiful details have been covered up over time, and we are now able to reveal the true character of the building, exposing elements such as original beams and fireplaces.  The chance to restore something to its former glory, whilst ensuring it meets the needs of a 21st Century workforce is an exciting prospect.  We are not only injecting the brand into the space, but also putting the original character back into the space along which has to work alongside the physical manifestation of the brand's essence, which makes for a rather unique and intriguing project.